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Vicki is available for: Private Voice Lessons, Private Vocal Coachings, Audition Coachings, MFA Audition Coaching, Group Musical Theatre Audition Classes, Group Vocal Technique Classes, Music Directing, Guest Masterclass Teaching, & Guest Lecturing. See below for details.

Private Voice Lessons and Vocal Coachings

A one-on-one private voice lesson provides you personalized attention to coach a role, prepare for an audition, or refine an aspect of your vocal technique. You are encouraged to video and audio record your lessons so you can hear the difference from beginning to end and write down positive directives that worked for you.

​The goal of Vicki's work is for you to fully understand your voice so that you can work professionally without a coach.

You Can Book Your Lessons & Coachings Online

Schedule A One Hour Lesson or Coaching


New to Vicki Shaghoian's Studio?
Schedule a 30 minute First Lesson. First Lesson Fee: $50

This is for students who have not studied with Vicki before. 

Audition and MFA Audition Coaching

With 14 years of experience teaching the MFA actors at the Yale School of Drama and coaching clients through Broadway auditions and callbacks, Vicki will work with you to dive deeply and truthfully into your monologues, songs, and sides. The goal is to bring out your authenticity in each piece and give you the confidence to do your best when you walk into the room.

Group Lessons and Classes

Group Lessons and Classes are a great way to build a strong foundation and practice performance skills. This also makes studying voice more affordable if you're between gigs. Working on rep in front of your peers keeps you on your toes and helps you learn the mechanics of voicing at an accelerated rate. When you're in the hot seat it's hard to absorb everything a teacher is saying. When you're able to sit down, relax, and listen to your peers you can better feel the triggers and mechanics of what they're doing and relate it to your own technique and instruction.

Guest Masterclass Teacher

Vicki is available to teach guest workshops and masterclasses at studios and universities. Topics include: Vocal Technique for All Levels, Performance, and Audition Technique in Monologues and Songs.

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"The individual artist is a vessel for the written word, whether it be spoken or sung. Their craft is to breathe life into the text.  Thus, they are bringing their truth, their life experience, and themselves to the work. 

What I tell my clients is that the ‘technique’ is only the training and conditioning of the instrument- much like going to the gym to build muscle tone and body strength in order to ‘look and feel fit. Fine-tuning the body, mind, and breath in the studio gives you the confidence in your creative work to focus on the ‘play’ of performance-the freedom to be fully present and authentic to the moment.

You may have read or heard the Zimbabwe Proverb: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing.” It’s true. We are designed for the simplest and most athletic of tasks. The only question is your curiosity, tenacity and passion to achieve vocal athleticism. I can run, but I am not able to run a marathon next week. It takes commitment and training to build the endurance and condition the body for such a feat.

My goal is to give you the understanding and knowledge to know and access your authentic instrument, the tools to fine tune and strengthen your instrument, and the command to eventually be able to self-coach and adapt as needed."




  • The Physics of Breathing in Vocal Athleticism

  • Emotional & Rhythmic Breath

  • Onset & Release of Sound

  • Sustaining the Sound & Filling the Thought with Breath

  • Breathing for Fragmented Text & Patter Text

  • Employing Dynamics with Breath

  • Accessing Extended Range with Breath

  • Anatomy of the Larynx as the Intangible

  • Clear the Mind vs. Being Mindful

  • Softening Inside & Outside - the Before Moment

  • OMNI-RESONANCE by Accessing the “OHM"

  • One Instrument: Inflected Speech & Melodic Speech

  • Separation of Church & State: Vowels & Consonants

  • Hearing with Your Mind

  • Listening with Your Body

  • Speaking Your Mind vs. ‘Speeching’ the Text

  • The Subconscious vs. the Conscious Mind

  • Brain One & Brain Two - the Spinal Connection

  • Expectation vs. Affectation

  • Dropping In vs. Bringing Up




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